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In 2010 Flex Tax launched its 可再生能源 Tax Credit (RETC) practice in response to demand from institutional 税 credit investors looking to diversify their 税 credit investment portfolios with financially viable and environmentally responsible investments. 后不久, Flex Tax served some of the earliest movers in the solar energy market, who recognized our value as experts in 税-credit-financed investments. As a long-established service provider to 税 credit developers and investors, Flex Tax quickly established itself as an expert and leader in the renewable energy industry through its  comprehensive understanding of the underlying 税, accounting and structuring issues involved in financing successful renewable energy transactions. In our role as trusted business advisors, we provide our clients with services based on innovative thinking, 必威体育怎么样专业知识, entrepreneurial acumen and superior client service. Flex Tax ’s work in the renewable energy industry is focused on projects financed with the investment 税 credit (ITC) (primarily solar and fuel cell facilities) and the production 税 credit (PTC) (primarily wind and biomass facilities), for which we provide project finance, 税 equity transaction advisory, 税, accounting and auditing services to renewable energy developers (sponsors) and investors. 作为一个公司, we have assisted with hundreds of RETC transactions and have been involved in more than $10 billion in 税 credit financings.

Flex Tax has a team of professionals focused on the renewable energy industry and dedicated to providing outstanding professional services. The firm’s professionals have a thorough understanding of how 税-credit-financed transactions work. This knowledge and experience allows us to advise and guide various types of clients, 包括项目开发人员, 税收股票投资者, private equity interests and lenders through these complex transactions. Our ability to meet clients’ needs in a thorough, efficient and creative manner sets us apart and helps our clients efficiently optimize the monetization of the 税 benefits derived from 税 credit financed renewable energy projects.

In addition to traditional audit, 税务及咨询服务, Flex Tax s work in the renewable energy industry also includes assisting project developers (sponsors), 税收股票投资者, 私人股本投资者, lenders and other transaction participants with various aspects of project finance and 税 equity transaction advice. Common services provided include:

Project Finance/Transaction Advisory

  • Transaction structure advisory
  • Financial projection preparation and compilation services
  • Project finance support/advisory
  • Evaluation of 税 equity investor term sheets
  • Construction and permanent debt advisory
  • Back-levered debt advisory/sponsor interest monetization
  • State rebate/renewable energy certificate (REC) contract analysis and advisory
  • Tax equity investor introductions
  • 事务支持服务
  • Production 税 credit “begun construction” safe harbor advisory services
  • 通用咨询


  • Evaluation of financial projections from investor perspective
  • Evaluation of investor GAAP earnings profile
  • Hypothetical liquidation at book value (HLBV) analysis
  • Calculation of noncontrolling interest-sponsor/developer
  • Investor internal rate of return (IRR) analysis
  • Investor return on investment (ROI) analysis
  • 看涨期权定价分析
  • Asset management support schedules
  • Relationship liaison for transaction participants
  • Specialized professional development training services
  • 尽职调查服务


  • 财务报表审计
  • 纳税申报表准备
  • Project cost certification audits/cost segregation reports
  • Financial projections–accountants’ compilation report
  • Valuation (appraisal) reports/value letters
  • Production 税 credit safe harbor accountants’ reports


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