Hey Guys,
we’ve been pretty busy with all the recording, editing songs & basically working on our First Album,
that we let things slide, Things like THE INTERNET, of course its all about Media nowadays.
So, here are some pictures taken during our Recording Sessions.

LIVE Pictures 2013

Some additional Pictures from one show @ Kultopia 2013
Awesome Pictures, thanks to Lenz Plonka as always for taking these, the gig’s been a blast!

RECORDING & Live Dates 2013

Hey Everyone,

at the moment we are pretty busy with our demo recordings for the first record.
Gigs are planned for 2013.
There will be a third PAST BLAST Festival this year in our Hometown Hagen and we ‘re looking forward
to play some gigs with our Friends: NAPE
So Stay tuned!


FUCK LAYING IN – demo is online now!

We just uploaded the demo recording of Fuck laying in on soundcloud!

  • A beautiful LoFi Pop song mixed by Nils Ottensmeyer


And enjoy!

LIVE 2011 & 2012

  • Great pictures, taken during some of our Shows in Nottuln & Hagen the last two years


  • last 9 pictures were taken by Lenz Plonka (c). The rest by other photographers or audience.


This is one song of our second studio session in Goldsoundstudio, Hohenlimburg.
We put it together with some of the latest concerts we played in Friedensfels, Bayern & Nottuln.
Thanks to the guys who filmed!


The first Music Video, we ever made. Thanks to Marvin Litwak and his team “Niemandsland”.


Studio session report

We entered the studio september last year, here you find some pretty pictures taken during our recordings:

All pictures were taken by Lenz Plonka (c).

Everything and More

Here’s is it!
The song is from our first 3-track demo ep, recorded in Studio 2011: